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Worthlessness is a core belief I have. It influences me day to day

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You are not worthless.

That core belief is like building your entire life on a lie. Your worth isnt based on anything you’ve done or whats happened to you. You have worth because you are a human being. I dont know you or your life, but I know youre worth the effort it takes to dive into why you feel that way. We want to come around you and help you out of that. You matter. Come hang out on our live stream and lets talk about it.

Hold fast,



Just remember things can ALWAYS get better. You have value and you’re not alone. Stay strong. You got this! :black_heart:

Worthlessness is a horrible shadow that rears its ugly head upon alot of us. I know I struggle with it daily. I want you to know that you are the most unique human being, because not one person on this planet will be you, because YOU are special. You are important. You are loved. Please always remember that.