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When my boyfriend didn’t talk to me all day

Being ignored can suck - but sometimes it’s not being done intentionally.
He might have been busy with work or something during the day, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. I would let it sit for today, and text him or call him tomorrow to see if everything is okay! Try not to worry too much for now, you will talk to him :slight_smile:

Hold Fast

Hey, I’m a dude and my ex girlfriend and I went through similar problems. I would love to share the male perspective on it. I never ignored my girlfriend, my mind was constantly filled with my responsibilities and obligations as a young man and adult. I worked my ass off for her, my family and my future. Being this dedicated took a large toll on me. Often, I would not express my emotions to the public. Only to select friends occasionally.
My main point is to understand his perspective and what he’s going through. You have to be ultra patient with males, it’s actually toxic. We love the game, hustle and grind. This puts us out of our element for a little. Don’t get it confused with ignoring you or not caring.
The only person who cares in the end is you. Take some time for yourself to reflect on your emotions and gain clarity in your head before speaking to friends or family about it. Clarity is important before engaging in conversation.