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I severely miss a friend that walked out of my life years ago. I fear that I’ll never be fully enough for people. All I want to do is make people happy and change people’s lives the way some people have for me. I feel almost like that won’t be possible. I don’t know what saying this will do. It’s hard to explain my whole life story on this thing… but hey if anyone sees this.

Hey! I see you! Thanks for posting.
I’m sorry about your friend - it sucks when that happens. I had to end a friendship with my best friend of 12 years a while back and we were inseparable, so when birthdays and Christmas come around, I miss her like crazy. Losing someone because we’ve drifted apart over time doesn’t make us not good enough though. There are still so many people that love you, and you are more than good enough for.
People have this idea that changing people’s lives requires this huge sacrifice to be made, or that they have to do something drastic for the person, but really, it’s not that at all. Literally, by being here and being on the wall, you are encouraging people to step forward and open up the same way. Every time you smile and offer advice to someone struggling, you are changing their lives. The little things that seem like nothing are actually huge.
Right now, you’re in a position where you need some love and encouragement, and that’s okay. You can still do good by being honest and using your experiences to help others - THAT is what you’re doing right now to change peoples life. So yes, it is possible. The difference is, right now, it’s probably not in the way you anticipated and that is perfectly fine.

Hold Fast

Apart of getting older we lose our connections with people. It can feel devastating when it’s some on you’re very close with. If there’s any promise I could give is that you’re really not alone and you will make some one so happy. Just be yourself I promise you you are worth loving regardless what you have to offer