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yesterday, while at work

Hi friend! I do not know the context of this, but I assume that something at work had you stressed, frustrated or anxious. Whatever it is that is going on that is causing you to feel how you are, I hope that it gets better.
If you need a safe place to talk to about what you are going through, we are here to offer love, encouragement and support.
Much love to you

Hey. Work is hard and it can be difficult to get through but I want you to know that you got this. You are so strong. You are a legend and someone is always cheering for you. I hope that today is better and tomorrow is even better after that. You are so valid but mostly, you are loved.

Lately I’ve been feeling really depressed, I don’t have motivation for anything anymore , I try and try to be happy has been hard , suffer from mental health problems. I take medication for it but lately hasn’t been working :frowning: