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I miss him.
He was the one person who understood me.
But I had to not be enough
Now we’re just friends
I just want my baby back tf. But I can’t be enough rightttt

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You are enough. You said you are still friends, so talk to him and let him be your support. If it’s too much for you to be friends, I think that maybe you need to take a step back for a while. Letting this impact your daily life is dangerous and you are worth so much more than this.
There are people in this community that understand you and love you for you - come and join our community! You’ll be greeted with nothing but love and understanding that you’re looking for.

Hold Fast

Reading your post; I know entirely how you feel. I was in a relationship I thought would be my last for on and off 3 years. I was suicidal after our last breakup and looking back now - he was so toxic and had no idea what he wanted. I want to tell you that you ARE enough. You are more than enough. That right person will know that and always make you feel that way. Please don’t give up. That person will come to you. I promise. :heart:

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