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last night a friend of mine was really struggling and i wanted to help so bad but i was having anxiety and felt like i couldn’t do anything right

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Hi friend,

Forgive yourself. I know it feels like you failed at being a good friend, but from this message I can tell you care about your friend and that is what matters. It sounds like you were struggling too and you have to remember that you are not super human. There are things you can handle and there are things you can’t and that’s okay. It just means you are human. Next time something like that happens, maybe just message your friend and tell them “I’m so sorry you are struggling. I don’t think I’m healthy right now to help you, but I want you to know I love you and I care so much about you” and then maybe suggest they reach out to someone they trust about what they are struggling with. You are not a bad friend. Broken cannot fix broken, but we can be there for each other. And sometimes just letting someone know you love them and are there for them is enough. Hold fast.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I know that it is so hard to see a friend struggling, but you obviously care about them a lot because you tried to help them as well as you could while also struggling yourself. Just you caring that much, to put them before yourself, helps I am sure! I completely understand feeling like your anxiety gets in the way of helping people, I know what that feels like, but you are doing your best and I can guarantee that that helps.

Hold Fast, my friend,
Hannah Presley

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Focus on getting better, figure out of how to calm yourself when anxiety comes, and take it easy. Don’t push yourself. Also, let your friend know about your situation, and you will get back to him/her later. He/She will understand. You are not alone. This community loves you.

You are loved! Just being there and not saying anything is worth more than you think

Please know that no matter what you think you didn’t do right, doesn’t matter. Your friend is most likely thankful that you were there for them. Sometimes just being there is enough, sometimes just listening, sometimes going out and doing something. What matters is you were there for them and that means all the world.