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I’m not good enough for anything. I’m way too sensitive about certain things. I’ve had a lot of panic attacks at past jobs. I can’t do anything right. I’m fat, and I don’t have anything to offer.

Hey, you are good enough.
Sensitivity isn’t always a bad thing - I’m in the same position. People like us who are incredibly sensitive tend to be really good at empathising with other people, understanding what they’re feeling meaning that we can help them better than someone who can’t. It does also mean that the smallest thing can tip us over the edge, or we can take on TOO much of someone else’s emotions and struggle, leaving us unable to care for ourselves. It’s about finding that middle ground.
I don’t know you, I haven’t seen a picture of you, but I don’t need to in order to tell you that you’re worth loving. It doesn’t matter how we look - we are all people and deserve that love and support. You have so much to offer, especially with your honesty. You have the ability to understand and relate to people going through similar situations. Panic attacks are horrible, but once you learn your triggers, and speak to whoever your employer is - you’ll learn some ways to cope and they’ll become less. You have so much to offer, don’t take yourself out of the equation.

Hold Fast

Hi friend,

First of all, that is a false truth. A lie that our minds try to tell us when we are hurting. YOU are good enough.

I’m sorry that you are facing hurt right now and feeling like you aren’t. But know that you ARE good enough. You hold value my friend. You matter. You are important.

I understand what it’s like being s sensitive person. Me too. And for a long time I thought that made me weak. But it doesn’t. If anything it makes me stronger. Being a sensitive person doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are times where it can be worked on but we are all human. We all have areas we can improve on.

You being over weight doesn’t make or break your value my friend. Our looks are not what gives us worth. It’s whats inside. I know that sounds totally cliche but it’s true.

You MATTER. You are worthy of love.

Whatever it is you are facing I hope you are able to find comfort my friend and a way to find strength and courage. You deserve so much.

We are here for you. If you need a safe place. We will embrace all that is you and try our best to support you and encourage you. No judgement.

So much love to you

  • Kitty