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I’ve been trying to find jobs and I’ve applied to so many yet I get nothing at all so this makes me feel hopeless to the fact I doubt I’ll earn any money

Well done on looking for a job! It can take time to find the right one - it took my best friend 6 months of applying to 10+ a day before she found one, and even then when she started a lot of them she ended up quitting or being fired. You’ll get there, keep applying, you will eventually get something and be able to start making money!

Hold Fast

Hi friend. I can understand. Job search is hard and stressful. It can feel defeating and leave you feeling discouraged. It can get better. I know it takes a while and often a lot longer than we like but keep it up. Don’t give up my friend. Something eventually will pop up.
It will happen. And along the way know that we are here! You are always welcome to come and share how you are doing and feeling. You matter. You are important and we care.

Hold fast

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