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Anytime I go somewhere, or I do things with friends, there are moments where I feel like a dont belong. That they’re just humoring me.

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I can relate to this. Even now being as old as I am I still will feel this way. I want people to feel loved and not feel alone but in return i sometimes feel i dont even belong. So I focus on positive conversations that i can start discuss with people. Movies, Sports, Music, Games are a start. But in your effort and there will be a return. You are not alone and you belong here on HeartSupport. Love you.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
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I spend a lot of time to myself and in my room. I don’t really go out much and when I do I often find myself feeling lonely and like I don’t belong.

I’ll be turning 25 soon and in the last few years I’ve begun putting myself more out there at social events and online, and at first it often seemed pointless becuase I felt like nobody cared. However about 8 months into it I took a break and went right back to locking myself up and not talking to anyone. To my surprise I was overwhelmed at the amount of people that actually cared. They wondered where I went and actually checked up on me. They really did care. It was very overwhelming and I cried A LOT.

I realized that the feeling of not belonging and being lonely is just a poison of the mind because people really do care about you. Even complete strangers over the internet.

You matter.

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I completely understand that feeling. It can often help to remember that where you are is where you are meant to be. At times you can reach within to find or remind yourself that you are good enough and others will see that.