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right now. no one will suffer when i die

Yes they will. Even if you don’t feel like people would miss you, I can guarantee they will. I always thought the same thing, but I had to start trusting people were telling me the truth when they said actually, it would hurt them so much if I wasn’t around. I’m glad you reached out here - I would like to encourage you to keep coming back here, join our twitch streams or our discord! You’ll be shown nothing but love and encouragement through this hard time.

Hold Fast

Not true!
Friend, you matter! You are important! You deserve love and compassion! You deserve more than these feelings and thoughts and I am sorry that you are hurting. Please reach out here if you need a safe place. We are here. No judgement.

Be gentle with yourself and know that we care!

  • Kitty

if youre reading this right now, know this: if you die, those who dont bother with you arent likely to bother with you. but those who care about you will certainly miss you.
if you want to share your story, please consider creating an account on heartsupport wall. we’re here to listen to you and help you.
take care and see you later!

the world will suffer when you die, you have an impact on the universe and all that’s around you. when you leave, we’re all going to be affected. i believe in the butterfly effect and I would hate to never have the opportunity to meet you, digitally or irl :heart: