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I was in school and I couldn’t achieve what the goal was and I physically can’t

No matter what the goal was in school, you are more than just that one goal. You are awesome as you are and have so many things to offer. Right now, just as you are, you are enough and loved.

Hi friend. I’m sorry that you were struggling with school and achieving your goals. Please do not give up hope. Sometimes as human, we fall. Sometimes we slip and sometimes we fail. Even some of the most successful people have failed several times before they reached success.

You are not defined by your mistakes or failures. It’s okay to be imperfect. Its okay to make mistakes. Its okay to fail. Try, try again. We pick ourselves up and we keep going. Keep fighting.

You ARE enough my friend. I know that there may be moments where you dont feel like it, but you are. You hold value. You are important. Believe that. Know that.

I know the limitations of physical issues. I have a lot of health issues and physically cant do certain things. I don’t know what you are facing or going through, but I am here to listen should you decide you want to further open up and share. We will love you, embrace you and support you the best we can.

Hold fast my friend.

  • Kitty

You’re not alone. I was the same way in school I had a very hard time learning and keeping up with the other students. It’s something that is very hard to deal with and I understand. Know that you’ll get through it! Just because we can’t keep up with the other students doesn’t make us dumb or stupid. Everyone learns at their own pace. Maybe you can talk to your teacher and see if they can spend a little more time with you. You can do this we believe in you. Much love friend!