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I have haphephobia (fear of touch) it causes so much struggle and difficulty in my life. I always feel like I don’t belong in friend groups because I can

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Thank you for sharing this, I don’t think I’ve heard of it so thanks you for educating me :slight_smile:
This sounds really rough, I’m so sorry. That’s doesn’t mean that you can’t have groups of friends. It just means that when you start a new friendship, you have to be open and honest with them about this.
I’m not sure if you have tried therapy, but that could be really good for you? Some people even try Hypnotherapy for phobias with great results, so it could be something to look into?
You deserve to have a life free from this. Maybe if you find someone you trust and your haphephobia doesn’t get so bad, you can talk to them about helping you through this. Sometimes you’ll be surprised how much 1 trusted person can do for us.
Thank you again for sharing about this.

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Hi friend. I don’t like being touched either. As an autistic, I don’t like it when I’m touched by people I don’t know. Even affectionately. It bothers me. I may not have the fear you have or carry the fear at the extent you do, but I can relate to the sense of feeling different. Of feeling weird or awkward. I’ve always felt like my quirks, phobias and struggles make me hard to connect to.

I’m sorry friend. I have no idea what it’s like to experience what you do at the level but I can imagine.

You do belong. You are deserving of friendships and relationships.

Like Kayla has mentioned, maybe if you find the right person, whether a close friend or a therapist, you can find a way to slowly overcome this and find a way to realize that some touch can be a good or healthy thing in your life.

I’m sorry you are struggling friend. Just know that you are loved and cared for in this community. We will love you for all that you are and try our best to offer you support and encouragement.

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us. I hope you will find yourself coming back here if you need a safe space.

Much love to you

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I can definitely see how that MIGHT make things tough, but friendship has nothing to do with touch. People will appreciate you for you and think the world of you even without touching. Do not feel bad letting people know your condition. Enjoy you for you, not someone else you could be.