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and overweight and gaining weight.

Hey friend. We like to place our worth and value in the way we look, but that’s not where it lies.
We don’t deserve to be loved ONLY if we look the way society deems to be perfect. We deserve to be loved because we are a human, and we are breathing.
If you’re unhappy with your weight, there are multiple ways you can go ahead and start taking steps to lose weight, with the help and support of friends/family/your doctor. If you’re happy, and you’re healthy - then it’s totally ok. Don’t let anyone dictate the way you need to look.

Hold Fast

I’m not sure if this is part of the other 2 posts I responded to or if this is someone else. I’m going to respond anyway.

Like Kayla mentioned, we often make the mistake of placing our worth in the way we look and that’s just not how it works. Even if so many people and our society tries to work it that way. Our looks and weight are not what gives you value.

You deserve and are worthy of love and have value no matter how much you weigh.

It’s okay to be concerned about your weight and want to get healthy. But know that no matter what, you matter, you are important and you are VALUED. Don’t let the lies of our society tell you any different.

If you need to set goals to help you get healthy and lose weight, go for it. Set small realistic and achievable goals to work on. Drink plenty of water, watch your portion sizes, try to get up and move around a little. Whether you take a walk or move around in your house. It’s a good place to start.

Like Kayla said, don’t let anyone dictate how you need to look.

If you need, see a nutritionist who can help guide you.

Stay strong my friend. You are loved and cared for

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