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given when so many people out there don’t have jobs.

Thanks for sharing. It’s okay to feel that way. You don’t have to feel guilty for your feelings just because some people don’t have jobs. Not every job is a great fit for everyone and if it is making you unhappy then it may not be a good fit. I understand the confusion around not being sure if you chose the right career path. I was an engineer for over 5 years and hated it the entire time but felt like it was the responsible thing to stay and keep that career because some people didn’t get that opportunity and i would be throwing it away if I stopped even though it made me miserable. I’m sorry that you’re stuck feeling that way about your job and being unsure if it’s right for you. If it’s not the right fit then that’s okay! You’ll get through this time and we’re here to listen whenever you need to share

Hi, friend.

Im not sure what the context of this was. Or if maybe part of it was cut off. But I wanted you to know that I at least saw your post!

Whatever you may be going through I hope you find resolve. Whatever trial you may be facing I hope you find strength and courage to get through it.

And just know that Heart Support is always open to you. It serves as a safe place to all. No judgement. We will try our best to love and support you. Embrace all that makes you YOU.

You matter. You and how you feel is important.

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