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yesterday was the last time and I feel like I’m trapped in some sort of way

Feeling trapped sucks. It can feel like things are never going to get better, or that we’re going to be alone for our whole lives. That’s not true though. When we start taking steps to interact with new people and develop stronger relationships with those already around us, that loneliness and those lies we tell ourselves start to become less and less. The thing that helps a lot of people is writing down SMALL goals and working towards those. They can be tiny goals that will lead to your ultimate goal. It can be as small as “I need to go to bed at a reasonable hour” and then follow it through. Once you start achieving those little goals, things will start to fall into place :slight_smile:

Hold Fast

I don’t know the full context of this post. But I certainly know the challenge of feeling trapped and stuck. I fought with being trapped in so many ways for so long. In my relationship, in my mental health struggles, in my friendships and family. It felt like so many things were falling apart and I was trapped in it.

I don’t know your situation, friend but whatever it is you are going through I hope that you are able to find peace and resolve. That you are able to find strength and courage to fight through it and keep going no matter what.

Things can get better. And if things are feeling difficult and you need a place to go, please don’t hesitate to come to the heart support forums. We will try our best to offer love, encouragement and support. There is no judgement here. We are all hurting in our own ways and we’re just trying to get through it together.

Hold fast.

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