EugeniaCooney Fan #217

Today, trying to get myself up and ready for work. I cried a lot and I was late because I was just overwhelmed with emotion.

HI EugeniaCooney,
Remember not every day will be a good day and sometimes it takes a lot of work to put a smile on your face, when I am having days like that ( and we all do) I try really try hard to think of the things that I have been blessed with. It’s okay to have emotions and cry. Remember you are an amazing person and very loved by this community

I can relate so much and thank you for sharing this. I’m sorry that that is how you started your day and felt so overwhelmed. You did it and you made it through today! It’s okay to cry and be overwhelmed and have days that are harder than others. You are powerful and great and we are here to listen whenever you need to share your emotions