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Most of my homework I can’t understand and I’m falling behind in school. It makes me feel like a failure

Whoa whoa! I was just dealing with this with my son. You are not a failure for not knowing your homework. That’s what school is for! Dont be ashamed if you dont know it right off the bat. Can you stay after and get help from a teacher or tutor? I hope this finds you well!

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Hi friend. I’m sorry you are struggling with school right now. Have you tried to reach out to a teacher or school counselor and spoke to them about where you are struggling? Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need to friend. I know it can be scary or difficult to step up, but if you’re having a hard time it’s okay to seek out. Let those around you help you and offer you resources to get you on track.

We care about you here. I hope it gets better. Just know that we’re here if you need a safe place to come to about what’s going on.

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Hi there,

First of all: you’re not a failure. It’s really hard to feel like this but keep in mind it’s only a feeling you’re experiencing because of you’re situation, not who you really are. School is or was a challenge for everyone because there are so many things to learn on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be exhausing but don’t feel ashamed if you don’t understand something. It’s a learning process and it can take some time. We don’t have to know everything and be over-performing everything and anytime. Not understanding or knowing is not something that’s making you a failure. :wink:

It could be interesting to ask your teachers or your surroundings if there’s is someone who could help you to understand the things you’re having difficulties with. Sometimes it’s even the uncle of the son of the father of… etc. Also, maybe there’s a service near where you live that could be helpful! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we all need some at different moments in our lives and it’s absolutely normal. The most important thing is that you do not isolate yourself by shame, because it doesn’t have to affect your schooling and your own progress.

Take care, you’re doing great :kissing_heart:

You are 100% not a failure. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out for academic support and emotional support. You will be strong for doing so and will only grow stronger :slight_smile: