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i can’t stop crying every time I see my ex boyfriend because it hurts so much that he’s doing ok while I’m falling apart but at the same time I don’t want to see him sad, upset or anything because I still love him. I miss him but everyone tells me that I need to get over it and stop crying over him… but they just don’t understand how it feels to see someone you love not even think about you or care how you feel. It hurts so much.

Hey, thank you so much for sharing this. It sounds like you really care about your ex and I am sorry that it is painful for you to see him doing okay. I completely know that feeing. It is okay to be sad about the loss of your relationship, it is okay to feel sad to see him doing okay without you. But relationships and breakups are not the “end all/be all”, I promise this pain will lighten and you will get through this, but in the mean time, it is absolutely okay to feel sad and to cry. Don’t pay attention to the people who are telling you to “just get over it”, that isn’t how feelings work, you can’t just turn them off, and that is okay.
I would suggest maybe blocking him on social media, that will help so you’re not seeing him so much, you know? I think that would help in moving on and getting past it.
I hope this helps, hold fast.

Hannah Presley
HS Intern

Hi friend.

Your feelings are valid. I’ve been there. I understand. It DOES hurt to see those we loved so much move on and seemingly not care or hurt the way we do over he loss of the relationship. It sucks. Your right.

It’s okay to grieve a relationship that you cared for my friend. Just be gentle with yourself and remember not to invest too much energy in hurting over someone who doesn’t want to be there for you. You are worth loving my friend. This relationship may not have worked out, but there are a lot of other people out there who you will find friendships and relationships in. It’s hard now, but it will get better.

I recently went through a divorce. My ex showed little care about it and found some other girl who was skinnier and prettier than me. He got married as soon as we were divorced. It hurt me to see him care so little about our relationship.

But I found someone that I’m happier with. I hope that in time you are able to find peace and healing and eventually find someone who brings you happiness, love and respects you.

Much love to you

  • Kitty