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Right now in the present time because all of my friends decided to leave me and I feel like I’m alone, especially at work where I have no friends. I want to be friends with people but idk how and I really want to. I’m so awkward

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Hi friend.

I’m sorry you are hurting right now. And that you are feeling so alone. I want you to know that here at heart Support we have such a loving and welcome community and you are always welcome here. Whether you are opening up to us and sharing and need support or just want to hang out with us in stream or discord. We will welcome you with arms wide open and embrace you. There is a community of people here who are all hurting in their own ways and together we all try to love and encourage one another the best way we can. So please feel free to be a part of us any time.

I can relate to being awkward and struggling to make friends. As an autistic, growing up and even as an adult, connecting to people was always and has always been really hard. Heart Support has really helped me learn how to open up to other people. Reach out and be involved. Even if sometimes it’s just online. I’ve made some really strong connections. It’s a start.

I know putting yourself out there is hard sometimes. So small steps. What do you enjoy? If you go to church is there groups you can join? Or if you like board games is there a local game shop nearby that hosts game nights that you can attend?

You matter friend. I hope that you find the strength and courage you need to take the steps that work for you to find a social circle you feel confident in. And just know we are here.

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Hey there! Welcome to the HeartSupport community support wall. Glad you are here! I can definitely relate with being awkward. It can be difficult to go up to someone you dont know and start up a conversation. What helps is first figuring out what our favorite interests are and things you like and going to functions that are related to those interests. For me, it’s music. I love going to concerts that are being headlined by my favorite artists. While at the venue, Ill try to strike up conversations with people in regards to the musician that’s playing that night. You have any interests or hobbies? Try finding events related to your interests & hobbies and GO TO THEM.

Pretend not to be shy. That is how my grandparents met. My grandfather is an aspey and very awkward, even with family. He’s brilliant, but awkward and shy. Sometimes it is better to just go for it and figure out things later by asking questions. You might be surprised how many people are doing the same thing and have no idea what is going on. Walk in like you belong there and suddenly you will.