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right now. i feel like i have no one to talk to about my problems because no one would understand

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Hi friend,

I know that I often find myself feeling this same way. And I just want you to know that here you are welcome to talk about what you are going through.

We will try our best to offer love, support and encouragement whether we can relate or not. But the chances are, someone here probably can relate to something you are facing.

There is no judgement here. Just a safe place where people can turn to when they are struggling. So I am encouraging you to feel free to use this forum to share your mind when you’re feeling alone. Whether you use the text system or you hop on and use the web version.

You are important and matter. Your feelings deserve to be heard. We are here.

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let me be the 2nd person to welcome you to heartsupport. you’ve found the right place to share your feelings and stories.
you and your safety matters to us. we (or at least some of us) will be here to listen to you and give you advice. please take a deep breath and come back here later to tell us more about your current situation. take care and see you later!