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I’m currently feeling hopeless, in the sense of not being able to shake the feelings of depression and anxiety.

Hi friend. I’m sorry you are battling with depression and anxiety right now. I too battle these on a daily basis so you are not alone.

Please do not be afraid to talk to us about what you are feeling depressed and anxious about if you need a safe place to open up to. Whether you do it via anonymous mobile or you jump onto the forums. We are open to you and will embrace you and encourage you the best we can.

I have found that when I am depressed and anxious, something that helps that is listening to either calm or upbeat music. Not something that is angry or sad. That tends to make it worse.

I also focus on my art and perler making. It gives me something to do and distracts me from my mind. Are there things that you enjoy that you can channel some of your energy into? To help distract you? I know that these things do not always totally resolve how we are feeling. But it’s a temporary healthy fix.

I don’t know if you have hung around HeartSupport’s streams or not, but if you don’t already know, Heart Support has a couple books that may be helpful to you. One is called DWARF PLANET. It is a guide and workbook through depression. The other is called REWRITE which is a guide and workbook through self harm. Both of these books can be purchased on Amazon. OR, you can look them up in the Heart Support shop where you can request one at no cost to you if you are unable to purchase one right now. Maybe these resources could be helpful to you.

Something else I use to help my anxiety is meditation. Youtube has all kinds of guided and unguided meditation audio. It can be good for sleep, focusing and anxiety. There is also an app called HeadSpace that you can use. It’s free and has all kinds of meditation audio you can use. Its a self help app. But there are also in app purchases you can make should you want to.

HeartSupport is also partnered with an online counseling service called BetterHelp. If you go to you will find a banner for BetterHelp that links you to a 7 Day FREE trial. Where you will be assigned a real licensed therapist. You can text them periodically or you can schedule a voice chat. You DO have to put in a credit card, so if you are under age you may have to ask for help. But as long as you or a guardian cancels BEFORE those 7 days are up it will NOT charge your credit card. But even if you cancel, youre 7 days will go till they expire. It just wont charge you at the end. They also have a financial aid that you can apply for and try to qualify for if you can’t afford the regular subscription. I used better help for a month and it was really nice. My therapist was very sweet. She was very responsive. I didnt voice with her. Instead I text her periodically through out the day and her guidance was very helpful. Danjo from Heart Support uses them and he loves it! He does voice sessions. So maybe this can be of help to you as well.

Either way. I hope you get feeling better my friend. You are loved and valued here. You are always welcome. No judgement.

  • Kitty

Depression and anxiety are really hard to deal with, I know first hand. When you’re feeling overly depressed or anxious, know that there are people in this community who love you and want to see you succeed. Do something distracting or that puts you in a good mood, and if ever it’s too much don’t be ashamed to seek therapy