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i feel like everyone has moved on from me like i’ve lost a lot of friends. they only hang out with me when it’s convenient for them and they can benefit from it

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Hi there,
I had a time like this when I was in school, where it felt like people only wanted to be around me when they needed something from me. But I was honest with my friends and told them how I feel, and to my surprise they completely understood and things changed for the better from that point forward. Being honest with people is often times the hardest step, but I strongly encourage you to start there. We were made to live in community together and if you’re not getting that community, something needs to change.

Hang in there friend,

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Hi Friend

I’ve gone to many faces in my life for groups of friends have come in or come out of it. It always seems like a loss at the time and a transition in hindsight.

Try meeting some new people. A community like this is a great place to start.

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1/5 Sometimes it may feel like our friends are using us and moving on because anxiety, depression, or fear of rejection tells us that when it’s really not tr

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4/5 eans it’s new or different people. It’s okay to admit to your friends when you are feeling lonely and you may be happy with the amount of support they sh

2/5 ue. It’s always good to speak from the heart to your friends, and tell them how you feel, let them know you may need more affection and encouragement and