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Im just really depressed in school and home I lost my self esteem

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Sorry you’re dealing with that. Having a hard time at home and school simultaneously is overwhelming. I don’t know what exactly you’re going through (am open for conversation any time if you want), but no matter what you’re dealing with or whatever is being said to you doesn’t make you any less than you actually are. Mean things people say say more about themselves than about you. The one who has to be happy with your choices and life decisions is you. Ground your self esteem on what works for you. Don’t let them destroy you, there’s a lot of life ahead and it can be awesome and full of joy.

Please don’t give up on yourself.

i feel your pain, its going to be okay…
school is a temporary thing and i think its time to work on yourself, i know it is tiresome, but you can do this. keep going… if you need anything, i am here <3

~ trinity x