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My dad died suddenly a few months ago. I’m struggling with accepting that he’s gone

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Hey there! I am SO SORRY for your loss. I lost my dad over 2 years ago SUDDENLY as well, but it feels as if it just happened. Processing through this time of grief is going to take some time and there’s no timeline of when the grieving period will end (or if it will end). In this present time, be with your family and be there for them during this difficult time and try to do things that will celebrate your dad’s life. Im sure your dad will want you and your family to continue life to the fullest, even when he’s no longer here.

I lost my uncle this last December as well. I dont know everything that you are dealing with, but I can relate and want you to know that I care. It feels like time stands still and yet flys past at the same ttime. i have tried to take the parts of my uncle’s life that meant something to me and emulate that with my own life. Its helping me to accept his passing. At the end of this I just want you to know that I care where you are at, let you know your feelings are valid, and give you hope. Take the time you need to grieve. It’s ok to do so.