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but nobody loves me.

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If no one truly doesnt love you…then I will. This community at HeartSupport WILL LOVE YOU. You are NOT alone <3

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The world does seem like a lonely, uncaring place sometimes. I constantly struggle to see who cares and why they would care. What I try to remember is that there are people out there who are so caring and loving that they love almost without thinking about it. Eventually I’ll find someone who loves me and cares about me in spite of my problems.
I also try to remember that the one who created the world cares about me and loves me unconditionally. If the creator can love me and care about me, it doesn’t really matter who dislikes me (although I’m still gonna feel bad if they hate me).

what you have said is a LIE you have told yourself far too many times! PEOPLE DO CARE - even ones you do not know or think care about you… PLUS WE DO TOO x

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Thank you so much, that last part really stuck with me. You’re right. God wouldn’t have created me if He didn’t love me, I just have to keep telling myself that.