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I feel helpless alone and worthless. I feel like I don’t matter and that no one would care if i was gone and that it would be better for everyone if i was. I also feel super depressed all the time.

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Feeling simultaneously invisible…and yet like the world’s greatest burden…yeah man I can relate to that. Feeling like there’s nothing I could do to be seen or to be loved, yet because I keep failing and disappointing people that I’m just a continuous burden / nuisance. I hated feeling that way every…single…day…I got to the point where I wondered whether or not my life was worth living too. I just want to say – youre not alone in what you’re feeling…and what you’re feeling makes total sense…when I was in that spot in my life, I was thinking the exact same things. But most of what you and I think about ourselves isn’t the truth…you are worthy of love, friend…you matter…your life has gravity and meaning and consequence and people who feel you and love you and would be devastated without you. There’s nothing you can do to avoid the truth that YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE. It’s just part of who you are…love isn’t conditional…it’s not dependent on how you feel or how you perform…it’s based on your breath, on the fact that you’re human…you deserve love because you are. I don’t know you, but I know your pain, and for that I know a part of your heart, and even in this slice I see, I love you. Thank you for opening up about what you have been dealing with. You’re not alone. You deserve love. I see you - at least part of you - and I love you. You matter. Let’s press forward together.