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Im disabled and I want to get out of PA and live in NYC. I cant live on my own. I doubt my Nana would want to. She would go to Oklahoma before anything…

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To feel like your life is paralyzed…like there’s this IMPOSSIBLE gap between what you want and what you’re able to do…feeling like you’re stuck in this place where you feel so alone…like this landscape doesn’t match what you feel in your heart…like you just simply don’t belong…so every day feels like it grinds against the very fiber of who you are…that’s a brutal place to be, friend. I’m so sorry that you’re stuck. I remember feeling similarly in my life…lol, honestly I feel a lot of that right now…feeling like there are so many things that I want yet paralyzed from getting them…I feel stuck in my own home because I can’t afford to move anywhere else. It’s such an imprisoning feeling. You’re not alone in what you’re feeling, and I thank you for opening up and sharing your heart.