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i had a nightmare about my parents last night and it really scared me. i have a lot of schoolwork i need to do too and i didn’t go to class/get out of bed today

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Hi friend!

As someone who deals with PTSD, I have nightmares regularly. So I know how awful and icky dreams can leave you feeling. I know how they can linger and just carry over your entire day. I know how it can eat at your energy and mess with your mind. I’ve been there. You are not alone. I’m sorry that you had a dream that was so scary.

The important thing for us to remember when these things happen is that, they are just dreams. Nightmares can be so terrifying and emotionally draining, but when we wake up, it’s gone. We have a new day before us and the comfort of knowing that it wasn’t real and we are okay. I know sometimes it’s hard to remember that at first. Because the feelings of dreams can linger. So something I do to help is, listen to happy music. Something upbeat or something mind calming. Watching funny videos or listening to funny audio to kind of distract my brain away from my dream.

There are a lot of meditation audio videos that you can find on youtube. Some are guided meditation and some are just calm music to relax the brain. I highly recommend that maybe you look into this. If you can maybe just take a moment to meditate and refresh your mind, it may really help pull your thought process out of your nightmare.

A shower or a bath. Usually a good way to get started. I know that pushing yourself to do that when you feel so gross can be difficult. But for me it usually helps.

I’m sorry that you have so much on your plate right now. If you want to further talk about school, stresses or your dreams, know that we are here to listen. We care. <3

Hold Fast

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As scary as it was, you have to remind yourself that it was just a nightmare, that’s all. I completely understand noting going to class or even getting out of bed. Sometimes I go days like that, but you just have to get up, walk around, breathe and tell yourself that you can do it.