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I’m extremely suicidal, I lost my friendship with my best friend, and it’s been hard for me to make new friends. Everyone at school hates me that they once bullied my friend just for being friends with me. I’ve been anti social, life hasn’t been the same without my best friend, and I just legit want to die, since I’m not needed in this world

Thanks for sharing what’s going on, I’m sorry you’re going through this. Do you think the friendship can be healed? We’re all here for you as a community and we’re glad your here with us.

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I mean I’m not sure if I could get her back, bc what happened is a long story but we’ve just been having lots of fights cuz of how paranoid I would get from being backstabbed this year, I didn’t call her names or say or do anything hurtful we would just get mad. I realized my mistake and how loyal she was, I wish I could go back and start over

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There’s always the possibility of telling her that if you haven’t and maybe there’s a second chance at the friendship.