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I’m behind on assignments for college classes, so my grade keeps dropping (I’m afraid I might flunk). I cannot seem to control my eating habits and weight (which lowers my self esteem a lot). I hate how I look and I want to make friends, but I’m too scared about what they think of me, so I’m afraid I’ll always be friendless.

Hi there, thank you for posting!

First off, I’m sorry to hear about everything you’re dealing with right now, that sounds like a terrible burden. For your college classes, is it an option to reach out to your professors or a counselor and explain what’s going on? I’ve been in the same position in school before and they’re usually extremely accommodating and just want to help you get your work done if it’s possible, they don’t want to see you flunk.

In regards to making friends, I definitely understand. You want to put your best foot forward, and not make a bad impression. Thankfully, after a lot of time struggling with how I look as well and having the same issues, I learnt something very important - friends (and people in general) don’t really focus on how you look as much as you focus on how you look, and most of the time people are struggling with their self esteem too. If you have a personality they connect with, that’s enough to get your foot in the door. Good, true friends don’t care how you look.

I hope you find some peace soon. :slight_smile:

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