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I have this rly good friend of mine who I lost a friendship with due to fights we had because of my paranoia from being backstabbed, when I tried apologizing she said “no you said that ten times now sorry” and blocked me, but just recently she reached out to me and said she misses me and she realized how unhappy she is without me, I texted her that I’m also sorry for the fights we’ve had and that I hope we can start over, but she hasn’t responded since then and it’s been 4 days. Idk why she hasn’t responded when she says she misses me as a best friend. Could it be the fact that I’ve apologized so many times so she doesn’t know whether she should believe me or not at this point since she might have been hoping to just completely forget about it? Why is she doing this?


Hmm. It’s really hard to tell my friend.

However, it IS a holiday weekend. Thanksgiving just passed and a lot of people are spending time with family. Try to give her some time to get through the holidays. Or you could even text her and tell her that you hope she had a happy thanksgiving. That would be okay!

As far as the apologies. It is very important in general, to follow apologies up with actions. Just words don’t mean much if you don’t then follow it up with action. Ever hear the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” ?

I don’t know what all has gone on between you and your friend, but maybe instead of saying sorry anymore, you could instead talk about what could be done to help strengthen and better the friendship. :heart: Maybe that will feel better than hearing the same thing over and over.

I hope you guys are able to strengthen your friendship. Know you are valued here.

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I think that many people go through things like this throughout life. Maybe you should try doing something to show her that you are sorry and want to be a better friend instead of just saying it. After all, actions speak louder than words. Also, it may have nothing to do with you. Maybe she isn’t responding because she has things that she is also going through. My best advice is to show her that you there for her but give her space until she is ready to talk.

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That’s a great idea and when I talk to her about what we can do to make the friendship better, should I also mention that i wanna make an effort in making more close friends (which I’m making progress on) bc I don’t wanna be too dependent on her, bc the truth is I have been or is that too rude


Actually I think that’s a perfectly healthy and good thing to suggest. For both of you. It’s healthy to reach out and make friends. Close or not. It’s healthy to extend yourself. It’s good to try to find other healthy people to build relationships and a friendship circle with.

It would be really good for both of you. :heart:

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