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My best friend and I recently became friends again (we had some beef b4 but we worked it out) but then one day I had a feeling she was mad at me but she might never have been, so when I tried asking her if I did something wrong, she left my message opened, so I did an impulsive thing by spamming her phone and she blocked me. So when I tried approaching her in person she kept saying “omg fuck off” when I kept asking her, and then she called me annoying and psychotic and threatened to tell the principal on me. We haven’t spoken ever since, what should I do?

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It seems this posted twice. I responded to your other post.

Wait you mean the one where I talked about how she reached out again but then ignored my text? Cuz that’s the only response I see

This post?

Yes that’s the only response I see

I see a response from myself, someone else and you on the other. On the link I shared there. (:

Well yea, but I was talking about something else

Ohhhh never mind I saw ur response

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