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My best friend and I recently became friends again (we had some beef b4 but we worked it out) but then recently I had a feeling she was mad at me but she might never have been, so when I tried asking her if I did something wrong, she left my message opened, so I did an impulsive thing by spamming her phone and she blocked me. So when I tried approaching her in person she kept saying “omg fuck off” when I kept asking her, and then she called me annoying and psychotic and threatened to tell the principal on me. We haven’t spoken ever since and it’s been 2 weeks, what should I do?


I’ve been there before, honestly as much as you care about your friends it is better to stay away, once you have break someone’s heart specially your best friends is hard to be the same as we once used to be. So as much as it hurts is better to just let go, I might be wrong and you guys might completes forgot in the future. Like I said that happened to me 5 years ago and now who once was my best friends is trying to get close to me again ( I destroyed the friendship because I betrayed her) in the end she is willing to give another opportunity and we are starting from the beginning.

Sounds like maybe there needs to be a little bit of space to allow healing and clearing the air of the heavy emotions.

I have learned in my life that it’s very easy to think that someone is mad at you. But it is important to know that even if we feel that way, it may not be true. It could be, of course, but our actions and the way we choose to respond can either make it better or worse.

Spamming someone is obviously going to make it very hard to want to talk to you. Right now, you may need to give her some space.

Later, maybe you can apologize and let her know that you are aware that you didn’t handle the situation very well. It’s important that when you are feeling a certain way, that you talk about it with a calm mind and in a civil manner. Its hard for people to want to listen if we are being spammy, aggressive and pushy. I learned that the hard way. Several times, actually. Through out my life.

Try to let things be and not ask over and over. Try not to be spammy. Instead, when things are feeling rough, come to the wall and talk about it. Let some people encourage you and help you out. Then when you feel more collected you can approach.

I hope that your relationship can be rekindled. But if she needs time to get over it, make sure you allow that. The best way to regain her trust is to be patient. <3

Much love

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@chechenko94 But what could I have possibly done to break her heart?? I don’t recall doing anything wrong. She in general can be a bit overly sensitive and dramatic sometimes but that’s just her she’s not perfect it’s just that ugh what’s going on? Is she going through some stuff or did she just change?

Like that the person above said. Let her get over it and think about it. If you are sure you didn’t do anything wrong then is her, let her be and try to be patient and stay away, maybe in the future she will explain what happened to you