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Me and my best friend had some beef until we’ve worked things out, she said she realized how unhappy she was without me. Then recently I had a feeling she was mad at me (which maybe she wasn’t but idk) so I texted her if I did something wrong and she didn’t respond, I did an impulsive thing by spamming her phone which caused her to block me, I also asked her in person but she said fuck off and threatened to tell the principle on me. So what happened was, I was so upset that I decided to text her mom (who I got along well with) about what’s going on and saying “I’ve tried my best to be loyal but I guess she just doesn’t understand that”, so I texted her that but before the text message could say “delivered” I changed my mind and deleted the text. My friend has been mad at me for two weeks and I’m starting to think it’s because the text message might have sent. What do I do?


You posted this already a couple of times. I still think the same thing as I said in the other post. That you should give her some space. (:

The thing with relationships, sometimes involving a 3rd party can feel really intrusive. While you’re feelings are valid. So are your friends. If you spammed her and it upset her, she has a right to want distance. You know?

You messaging her mom can feel intrusive to her space and her right to want it. It could cause her to feel more upset. I would leave it alone for a while. I know you said it had been a couple weeks. But maybe it needs another week or two to let the negative feelings and frustration clear the air.

Then you can try to apologize. The thing is, you have to accept it if she just wants to be left alone for awhile.

Try to remember, that while your feelings are valid, try to express them in a way that is calm. If you’re feeling upset, wait till you are more relaxed and calm to talk about it. Sometimes taking a shower, or going for a walk or even writing in a journal can help balance out intense emotions.

If we spam someone or speak to them with aggression or are pushy, it can be very hard for them to want to listen. Let alone talk to us. So it’s important to try to control your attitude and energy when presenting your feelings to someone. <3

It can be hard sometimes. But often trying to practice patience goes a long ways.

I hope it gets better

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I responded to your topic on my live stream. Hold Fast

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I can only echo what Koyangi said. Your friend certainly needs some space and time for the moment. I understand that it’s stressful when you have to deal with this kind of uncertainty. But right now it sounds that it would be better to let it go for a while, for both of you.

Maybe you’ve been really worried she was mad at you, whatever the reasons behind, and that’s absolutely valid and understandable. I hope things will get better and you’ll be able to talk together in a calm a gentle way in times to come. No matter what happen, just know that you’re not alone right now. :heart:

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