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I have this Ex BFF who just wont stop texting me. It’s like we try to be BFFs again then when I’m honest with her she’s gets crazy on me. We are both physically handicapped and she’s very mentally handicapped. I forgave her even though I told her my Nana and Nurse told me to stop talking to her. I really regret texting her because she will harass me. I know I can block her but that won’t stop her. Just so you know I’m Twenty and she’s Thirty.


Hi friend. Sounds like the best thing to do is exactly what you said, BLOCK her. It may not stop her, but then you continue to ignore her. Eventually if she doesn’t get the attention, she will stop. I know sometimes it’s hard to move forward, but the best thing you can do when someone is harassing you is simply say “Please do not contact me anymore.” - Nothing more. Block. Ignore.

If you need to, you can screen cap messages for proof of harassment. If it really comes down to needing it. If you ignore her long enough, she WILL go away. She WILL stop. But only if you ignore.

I’ve had to do this a few times in my life.

Good luck.

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Don’t feel stupid! At all! I’ve been there. I get it.
Your feelings are completely valid. Don’t be hard on yourself. :heart:

My DM are open if you need to chat about it more privately