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people are telling me that i’m fake and annoying. they are saying i “faked” a concussion and are telling me i’m a bitch.


Dearest friend I am so sorry you are struggling with this. I know it might not be easy to do but dont let what other says determine if you are telling the truth or no. You’re the only one that can say if it happened and is truth. I know it sounds corny to say the least but think of the statement I am rubber and you are glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. When people tell us things sometimes it is because they are just lashing out and that phrase reminds me that sometimes others are not entirely wanting to hurt you but the words they say are being said because it is at themselves if that makes sense.
Hold fast friend


Well that sucks! People are incredibly hurtful sometimes and it’s hard to understand or know why. I am very sorry that people are treating you like that.
I have faced a lot of really crummy people both in my past and my present and it’s been one heck of a battle trying to learn not to let people that don’t matter bring me down. People can say what they want, but it doesn’t make what they say about us true. Their words do not hold value over you and it doesn’t take away your value as a person. Just know that.

Whatever it is you are going through friend, I hope it gets better. You deserve to be treated better. You are always welcome here. <3 If you need a link to the Heart Support discord, let me know. I’ll get you in. Lots of people to connect to there that wont treat you like that.

Much love

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Hi friend,

I’m sorry they thought you were faking this. It’s such a hurtful thing to say and even think about someone. I do not know what could motivate them to tell you this but I imagine that this is the last reaction you expected from them. They certainly don’t want to make the effort to understand what you are going through, but they could also express it in a more respectful way… gosh. You don’t deserve this anyway.

I hope you’re getting better since this concussion. Take care of you, okay? And I know it’s easy to say this, but try not to take their words into account, as long as it would just add negativity that you don’t need right now.

Sending love your way. Hold fast. :heart:

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Don’t let others tell you how or what to feel. These people that tell you you’re fake, are they close friends or acquaintances? Keep your spirits up by doing something that brings you joy!