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I miss my best friend so much, it’s been two months since the last time we talked and she still hasn’t came up. Idk why I lost her, she jus got really annoyed and stopped talking to me. I didn’t even do anything wrong, and she called me annoying and psychotic. Then I send a text message (I’m not sure if it actually send or not) to her mom about what happened and she didn’t answer. I don’t know what’s going on. I miss her so much, I just can’t let go of her


Gosh, I’m so sorry friend… It’s really hard to be ignored by someone you care about, without knowing the true reasons behind it. It’s not fair for you. I hope this is only a matter of time before your friend talks to you and explains what is going on. For the moment, it sounds that you’ll need to give them some time for themselves. I know it’s hard… it really is. But you can still take care of yourself until the situation improves.

Also, I hope you’re not too hard on yourself. What they said hurts. But in every relationship, communication is hold by two individuals. It’s also their responsibility to try to talk to you, unless they’re not willing to. You did your part.

Know that you’re not alone right now. I hope for both of you that things will get better.

Hold fast. :heart:

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First of all, thank you for sharing. You matter, and we are here to hold you up while you deal with this.

I’m so sorry that this is happening to you. It sounds like you’re feeling really lost and lonely right now. I had a similar experience in my past, and it is very painful. When we don’t know why people we care for decide to pull away, it can be so confusing and can make us doubt ourselves very deeply.

Communication is SO key to relationships. Sometimes people pull away and we need to let them go, even if it hurts us. If you have tried to talk and they are not responding, they may not be in a place where they are able to handle that conversation. I hope, for your sake, that a day comes when you can. We don’t always know what is going on in someone’s life, and I hope someday you get resolution.

Until then, it’s ok to feel hurt and betrayed. It’s normal to feel these things. You’re loved, even if you feel sad and isolated. Hold strong.

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This is kinda similar to something I had happen with my best friend of 13 years… She moved away after we finished secondary school (sorry idk the american equivalent its 11-16) and she came to visit the area 2-3 times a year. A few years later, she came down and we had planned to meet up - but my family had some issues and my mental health sucked, so i asked to push everything back to the next day… Nothing wrong there right? she’s my best friend and was an advocate for mental health. but… apparently that was wrong and she juts started accusing me of so much behind my back and left. After 13 years… So, for my own sake I had to send her one final message, asking her WHY she was saying this stuff, and to tell her how I felt, WHY she hurt me etc… that way, the ball was in her court… i’d done what i could.
I’ve also been the person to stop talking to people. We weren’t best friends, but I was friends with this guy, who started to really make me uncomfortable. He wasn’t aware he was doing it, and I wish I had spoken to him about it rather than just completely pushing him out - but I also know he still behaves that way even after people have told him that. I’m not saying you make her uncomfortable, that’s just what happened here. I’m just saying…

Sometimes we can unaware we are doing something that bothers someone. Be open to hear what they have to say, because there might be something that you don’t even realise bothers her. I’m not saying that’s 100% what is happening, it might be some things in her life… But, being open to that possibility is healthy for working on relationships.

Hold Fast

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Hey friend, I’m sorry for what is going on between you and your friend. While your friend’s words might feel hurtful, maybe there is more going on to the story than you realize or are aware of. I think the best thing you can do now is to this person some time and space, trust that they are doing what is best for them and maybe just here and there trying to check in and sending a short message saying something like “hey, thinking of you. Hope you’re doing well.” Or something like that.

You obviously care for your friend, I hope things work out between you two. Hold fast!

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From grandmawinde In Twitch Chat:
I’ve been on both sides of your situation. I’ve had friends suddenly leaving and even blockinh me without warning, or sometimes with. They’d later show up again and say they’re sorry about blocking me… When it happened like 5 times with some people, that’s where I’ve had enough . (Then I turned on the other side) and felt that a friendship where we’re buddies for one day and the next i’m getting blocked, is not a friendship that I needed in my life.

Hey friend. We discussed your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream. Here’s the live video response!

Hold Fast

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That’s really good advice, it’s just the thing is, I know that she usually doesn’t like talking about how she feels. Whenever she would feel ready to be on good terms with someone, she would apologize and would wanna go straight to being on good terms and forget this even happened. But who knows? Maybe she’ll this time be more open about it when she’s ready. But thank you:)