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I have been making progress in moving one from my past friendship with my ex best friend (I lost my friendship with her and i have vented about it a few times here b4), I still however sometimes feel lonely without her, life feels so strange and kinda gloomy with her completely evaporating. I have depended on our friendship so much and now it kinda feels like a piece of my life is missing. I do have other close friends and I will be in college in September, it’s just that my close friends tend to be too busy to hang out outside of school and the only ppl I could pretty much text outside of school are my internet friends but I can’t hang out with them, therefore it’s just not the same. I’m worried about what my summer this year is gonna be like bc I don’t want to be lonely, last summer I hung out with her and her family a lot


Losing friends is hard. I was friends with my childhood best friend for over 18 years. But in time we grew apart. She became someone that was difficult to be around and very hurtful, so I had to move on. It’s never easy losing people that we care about. Ever. But in life it is true that relationships come and go. I was telling someone this recently. We will gain friends that we will keep for a life time and we will gain friends that in time will distance. But we grow and learn from those relationships.

Extending ourselves to make new friends can be hard, but its good to try. The nice thing with college is that there are usually all kinds of groups and clubs that you can join and be a part of. So you can meet new people that have interests like yours. There is also that site that is good for connecting with people.

I’m sorry that you lost your best friend. That really sucks :frowning:

It does get better my friend. I hope you are able to make some other connections so you can feel more socially fulfilled. <3

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Hey friend,

I’m glad to hear the progresses you’ve made to keep moving on. You’re grieving a friendship. Somehow it’s a loss in your life. Like you said, it feels like there is a piece missing and it’s totally understandable. When someone who was holding a huge place in your life is not with you anymore, then it feels like a part of your life, of yourself, is missing.

You will need time to heal from what happened. To restore some peace in your heart. Each relationship is unique and I really understand the feelings you described. I’ve been feeling similar things recently, as I lost different relationships for the past few months, due to circumstances that doesn’t need to be explained here. Just know that you are not alone. And you’ll get through this. You’ve already made some huge steps.

Isolation can be tempting when we’re grieving, when we’re hurting. And it can feel exhausting or just weird to hang yout with your friends. The balance between keeping social interactions and taking some time by yourself to rest when you need it can also be tricky to find. Just trust your intuition, your heart. Hanging out sometimes is okay. Resting sometimes is okay. You certainly need a bit of both.

Of course, next summer isn’t gonna be the same. And somehow this perspective is recalling you some memories you had with your friend. But it doesn’t mean next summer isn’t gonna be a great moment for you. Only different than the last one. You still have time to think about it, to see what you’d like to do, to make some plans and think who you’d like to spend some time with. :wink:

Sending much love your way. :heart:
I’m proud of you for sharing, reaching out and reflecting on your own journey.