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So I’m that person who has the friend who likes to fight. She still has my number and when I linked it up to Instagram she kept on following me. I messaged her please stop following me. She wants to talk again. I’m literally scared and shaking because if I say no she’ll get mad. I know I should’ve blocked her but she has several accounts all over. Too many to block. She used my to get another puppy. She can’t do her own research. Oh the kicker of this is that she wants me to be the Godmother. I say no and she tried to guilt me. She dislikes my Nana and Nurse because they don’t want me to talk to her. I feel like she’s an internet stalker. Also she doesn’t want me to change my name. So she’ll call me the name I don’t like.


Hey friend. Sounds like you’re in a rough position. Here’s my advice.

1.) Since you already asked her to please stop following you, perhaps consider making your account private. I have had to do this. Forcing people to have to request in order to even see my stuff. So you can monitor who comes in and who doesnt. I have issues with a family member stalking me, so I understand the stress of something who keeps watching you even after you’ve asked them to leave you alone. It’s exhausting.

2.) Blocking people is the best way to make people leave you alone. Even if they make new accounts. Don’t respond or react to them. Just keep blocking. After a while, they will leave you alone or slow down.

3.) If you do talk to her, just tell her you don’t want to fight, you don’t want drama and will only talk if you can keep it civil. Try to do it in a time that you guys can talk calmly and be open to each other.

Drama sucks. Been there. Dealing with that kind of stuff always feel awful. But blocking, ignoring and making your stuff private goes a long way.

I hope it gets better

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I know but it isn’t that easy…

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I understand. Wan’t to talk about it a little bit more? What is making it hard or difficult for you to do these things? <3

She’s mentally slow and and she’s hella fragile. Much mor fragile than me. When it comes to telling her honest and raw things she says im about to cry or gets defensive. She scares the crap outta me.

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Oh, I see. That’s very hard. Well, the best you can do is just be really gentle when talking to her. I don’t know if you have a friend or someone you trust that can talk with you when you talk to her and explain to her that you just need space right now. That’s really tough, friend.

Again, if you need to distance from that relationship and just need space. Don’t be afraid to do so. Blocking and ignoring is okay if you need to do that.

Sorry that I’m not more helpful in that situation. I def know how it can be when you need space from someone but don’t know how to tell them. Or afraid of upsetting them more. I hope that there is some peace and resolve in this situation in however it ends up. Whether you rekindle the relationship with boundaries, or go your separate ways.

I am gentle. I know blocking is a great thing. It’s ok. It’s hard when you don’t know her.

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