EugeniaCooney Fan #35

I’m struggling to find a purpose. I dread everyday and waking up to get up. The activities I love like for instance, I have a hard time concentrating on. It feels like I have no energy. I feel like my mood changes too frequently. Just an unshakable sadness. And sometimes I cry for no reason I feel like because I don’t know what I’m feeling. Everything seems so heavy. And like I’m going in circles and every day is the same.

First I want to say I can very much relate. We all want to know what is our big purpose is in this world. It wasnt until i started being honest about this with my therapist growing up that things started to make since. I feel you are going through a season of depression and being opened and honest is the first big step. I can see what you are going through cause like I said before I have been through it also.

I want you to know YOU are not alone in this journey of life. You are loved. Love you and praying for you.
Please do think about seeing a therapist and share everything you said on here. If not go to a family member or a friend and share this. I want you to get the best help possible and want you to know here at HS we have a book on that. Check it out YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREE! Dwarf Planet. I want to help you figure out the right path you need to take to get better! You are not alone in this you are loved and you are worth every letter I am typing.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

Everything feels so heavy is something that relates to me so well. When I’m feeling depressed I turn to music and Linkin Park’s “Heavy” song always helps to pull me through. Not being able to articulate how you feel can sometimes put you in the mindset you might find or think it’s inescapable. But being brave enough to admit you are down, and trying to seek help or waking up to look for a reason to keep waking up; that is so admirable.

You will find a purpose. Whether it’s a different one every single dat, whether it’s for yourself or for a friend or for a dog or anything that’ll make you smile for even one moment. Hold on for that. You’ll find it. And even if for one moment, you’ll find everything will be okay.