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That friend is back and she won’t give up! Even though I blocked her, she still finds me. I know she is slow but c’mon. She wants advice and she’s making me feel like f**king sh*t! I can’t change my number or tell my Nana…


Honey that best thing you can do is just keep blocking her and don’t respond. Trust me, I have a person who does this to me. They internet stalk me and I eventually had to stop responding. Block, ignore, delete. Repeat. If you have already told her you want to be left alone, that is all you can do. ):

If you can’t talk to someone about it. If you do that long enough, it’ll stop. But only if you ignore it.

Don’t talk to anyone that is bad for your mental health.

If it’s something that can’t be forgiven and is just no good for you, don’t feel crappy for that. I’m really sorry this is going on. And that she doesn’t seem to know how to understand boundaries ): That really truly sucks. Especially when you have tried to communicate already.

Sending love friend

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Never put yourself down or lower your self-esteem to make someone else feel better. Your friend should respect this boundary. You can install a call blocker app on your phone and sms text blocker. I had to do the same with my toxic family.