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Even though I’ve moved on from our friendship a while ago, I still feel sad sometimes because it’s not her that I miss, I miss the feeling of having a #1 best friend who you could tell anything, share secrets you’d never thought you’d share with anyone, hanging out often, doing anything together, creating memories, all the good times, and just loving her unconditionally. I miss the feeling of being able to have a best friend who you unconditionally love as if she were your sister and certain things, places, and songs just remind me of our times. Even after how toxic and manipulative she was and all the shit she lied about, I for some reason still miss how I was able to feel blessed to have a friendship this close in my life. Sometimes I don’t even know if it’s better to have one best friend or like 2-3 best friends. I’m literally getting emotional just typing this


Hello! We’re looking at your post while live and my heart hurts for you just reading this. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling right now without your friend. From the context of your post, it sounds like there’s a bit of bad blood between you but you miss the companionship. Hopefully the heartache eases soon, and you are able to honor the good times while leaving the bad in the past. Missing the friendship sounds painful, but more painful might be to forget it completely. Whether you have one best friend or two or even three, shit can happen, but remember to take care of yourself so you can heal from this and move forward! Much love to you!

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From: bitemarque

Losing friends is hard, no matter the circumstances. In time, you’ll be able to remember the good times fondly without the rest hurting so much. Never forget that you are worthy of receiving the love that you were giving to this person.