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So I’m a college freshman and a computer science major. I recently finished the fall semester and in order to continue studying my major I have to have at least a B- in it but I finished with a C. Anyway, theres has been a program in my college that runs over the break that allows students like me who finished bellow a B- to review and retake the exam to be given another chance to try to pass. But right when my professor sent me an email saying I’m can now register, I noticed that (at least so far) i’m the only one enrolled out of 27 spots available. It’s making me feel extremely bad about myself. I vented to my friend before saying “im the worst computer science student at my college” and she said I’m not and I’ve convinced myself I’m not and turns out guess what? I am! Normally, when people are upset and think they’re terrible they’re usually not but for my case i think I’m terrible and I am terrible. I go around thinking I’m such a good student when in reality I’m a failure, despite friends trying to convince me otherwise it turns out I’m right. When I was in K-12, I was not an honors/AP student but I wish I was and I would get jealous when my friends would be honors/AP students. I had to take academic help classes outside of my regular classes during K-12, in highschool however my grades improved and now I can’t even get a good fucking grade in college? I just don’t understand why I can’t be smart and an impressive student why did I always have to be so dependent. Why was I built like this. I’m such a disgrace


Hey @EugeniaCooney_Fans

Thank you for sharing that. I completely understand what it is like to struggle during college especially classes in your major. Please know that you are not alone in that. I was a freshman in college and then I took a gap year to focus on my mental health.

I am a communications and psychology major. This semester, I got disability accommodation which allowed me for some flexibility on assignments. The reason I share this was because I was also in danger of failing my major courses because of my depression and just general life circumstances. If your professors are allowing you an opportunity to retake your exam, then that is an excellent opportunity!! Remember that it has been a tough year with the pandemic, and the good news is that if you got a C, then you shouldn’t be too far off from passing!!

Give yourself some grace and try not to be too hard on yourself. You are not a disgrace and I believe that you can do this. Don’t give up. You can’t change the past, but you can work hard to change the future. If computer science is something that you are passionate about, then keep going after it!! Make sure to take care of yourself along the way too.

Hold fast. We believe in you!

And keep us updated!!

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