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People around me are poor and I don’t have enough money to be of any help

Hey love is priceless. Reason why I want to love you. Just because people are finically low doesnt mean happiness can be brought. Yeah we all wish we could drop millions but does it trully fill up the cup of happiness. No. Community. Brings true love. Having a pot luck with your community can be a great start. Having a Community BBQ can be a great start also. Find ways you can bring joy to others with out the dollar.

Money goes away but love is forever.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

I totally understand that a lack of money can be a huge hindrance in many areas. Helping people can be in so many ways though! If you are driven to help, check for areas to volunteer your time instead, or even share a positive word. You have more power and influence than you could ever know, and money is only one avenue of helping. Best of luck!