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EugeniaCooney Fan #41

Both of my parents neglected and abandoned me. I’ve been through persistent emotional/mental, physical, and sexual abuse my whole life and I have a diagnosis of CPTSD. When I told my mom in 2012 that I was raped, she immediately told me I asked for it. I’m completely only own and alone. I live for survival and I have no idea who o really am. I hurt deeply. I feel like nobody at school wants me around. I feel like a waste of air. I feel inadequate.

I love you.

I feel you need to hear that.

You do not deserve the way that all these people have treated you.

Your past does not define you. I want you to know and feel safe here in HeartSupport. I want you to know that People here have been the same and have found healing. You are wanted here. You are valued here. ever second to ever letter you spent on your messaged is valued. You are worth everything. You are worth every ounce of love. I really recommened seeing a therapist cause i want you to get help. I want you to feel that there is beauty and happiness is possible in your life. For it is.

You are worth everything.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

You are very loved. What happened to you is NOT your fault and you are not alone. We are here for support and encouragement. Surround yourself with people that truly care for you.

I believe you. I’m here for you. You matter to me. You are BEAUTIFUL.

Hey. I may not know you but do know I understand. My mother and father abandoned me and my brother at a young age. But that does not define me. I have found new life. Do know that there is a giant community that loves you and cares for you. Do something for me. Don’t believe the lies that you are hated since you are loved