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I feel hopeless everyday that things will get better for me. I’m tired of feeling this way of myself & having to live with so much anxiety. It’s hard for me to get through my days especially at school, I spend most of the day in anxiety worrying about what people are thinking. Being uncomfortable in my own skin is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever had to go through. I despise myself & the way i look. I’m so tired of waiting for things to get better or for things to change & it feels like the time is never going to come. I hate this

You sound a lot like myself when I was in high school. One thing that helped me was talking to a counselor. They had a program where they did discreet exceptions for students with anxiety and other disorders. I never even used them but it felt calming to have the options. Of course you have to be reasonable but it eased my anxiety. Talking to teachers helped as well. It’s their job to give you the best education they can so you shouldn’t be shy to mention your anxiety. You deserve to feel at peace while getting an education. Now the people It helped me to think about how I won’t even remember my teachers name let alone my peers. I’m in my junior year of college and I can’t name most of my teachers. Don’t wait for things to change sometimes things never change on their own you have to fight for it and seek it out like you have with this post.

I completely understand how you’re feeling, anxiety and depression have riddled my life and I have lost jobs and friends due to it. The only advice I can give is stay true to who you are and do what you believe in and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Focus on yourself and bettering yourself. I believe in you!