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Today when i performed poorly on a midterm exam that i studied so hard for

I’ve felt that frustration too. Quite a number of times. Thing is, since you studied hard, you learned a lot. Putting effort and truly learning, even if you’re not getting results at the pace you need right now, is a solid way for progress. Keep doing your best, it’ll pay off eventually.

Hey, I have been attending college since 2014. I have failed many exams along with classes. The one thing that matters in school is to keep on trying and persevering. Being a student is hard and the grade makes us stress so much at the end of the day. I had very rough patches and down times throughout my college and I know I still have more to come. It’s not fun being in school but we have to realize how blessed we are to be enrolled school. Being a friend to other students help me day in and out of the daily struggles we face. All the homework, studying, reading, time management, ugh it’s a lot. We’ll get through it and it will make us stronger in the end!