EugeniaCooney Fan #46

everyday at school and home I feel alone

Dude, yeah…

How is it that we can be surrounded by people everywhere we go and feel like there’s literally no one who sees or understands us…it’s almost like living in someone else’s skin…people perceive some other person when they see you or interact with you – no one is actually engaging with the REAL you…and so you get home and you take off the mask and feel like you’re seeing yourself for the first time, and you’er the only person in the universe that even notices you’re you…that you breathe, that you feel, that you exist…

Sometimes I can feel like the last person on anyone’s mind, like there’s no one that would care if I called on them, like I am the last person anyone would choose to be with.

You’re not alone in feeling the way you’re feeling. And I’m so thankful you decided to open up here. Thank you for sharing your burdens with me / us. It’s so much easier to face the darkness when we’re not the only ones journeying through it.


You’re NEVER alone. It always gets better and makes you stronger. We’re with you.