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I recently felt worthless when I decided to stay home when my friends went out and had fun. One of them has problems with me, so I just said I had something else going on. They had fun without me, and I just didn’t want to risk going with them and making things worse with that one person.

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Hey friend, it’s hard to be in a group when you have drama going on with someone in that group. It sounds like maybe you should communicate w/ this person to try and figure out some way of resolving this issue.

Keep us up to speed on what happens with this situation so we can support you further!

Here are some truths to keep you going:

You are NOT worthless.
You matter.
You are important and have value.
You’re loved exactly as you are.
Hold fast.


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Whatever you are going through that does not define you. You are loved and don’t feel this way. We all need some time alone. And do know the world may say your not good enough. Here’s the thing, the world lies. You ARE good enough