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It sounds stupid, but when I don’t have time to clean my room, when I’m writing a college essay I don’t think I will be able to finish in time or when I

Sometimes it feels like all of the little things just pile up and can be so overwhelming.

LIke they shouldn’t be this big of a deal, but they just make you feel like everything is wayyyy too much. I’ve felt this way before too, and what helps me is taking five minutes to focus on my breathing or a song, and then going back to the task. Just ground yourself or tell a friend how you are feeling.

Thanks so much for sharing. Sending love

Hello I saw your message and I completely understand. It is easy to start to feel buried when things are stacking up. You can get through this! Make yourself a list and prioritize the things you need to do. Plan it out and give yourself easy things to check off so you see progress. So if the task is too overwhelming, break it down into pieces you can accomplish and focus on that instead of dreading or worrying about the whole thing. I believe in you and know you can do it. :slight_smile: